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Parish of the Woodford Valley with Archers Gate and Kings Gate


Our Churches and the Bowman Centre

The present Parish of the Woodford Valley was created in 1974 from the 3 ancient parishes of Durnford, Wilsford and Woodford. The valley has been inhabited before historical times and the village names are Saxon.

St. Michael's

St Michaels

St. Michael's Church, Wilsford was first mentioned in records in 1091 as one of the churches given to the Old Sarum Cathedral on its foundation. It was restored in 1852, maintaining the original architectural style. Only the tower has some original work including the Norman doorway in the north wall.

St. Andrew's

St Andrews

St. Andrew's Church, Great Durnford dates back before 1140, when the church - then under restoration - and some land were given to Old Sarum Cathedral. The nave was begun soon after the Norman Conquest and the west end tower, which dominates the church was added in the 13th century.

All Saints

All Saints

Little of the original building remains of the 12th century All Saints church at Middle Woodford. The church was rebuilt in the 13th century and the tower probably added in the 15th. Much of the tower seen today is original. All Saints was substantially restored in 1845 but the work kept true to the original architecture.

Bowman Centre


The Bowman Centre is a modern community centre at Archers Gate with an extensive programme of activities.
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